A New Paradigm in Non-Fiction Storytelling

Unfurl Productions is a collective of expert writers, editors, and producers devoted to the highest quality nonfiction storytelling.

Over the course of our careers, we've worked on dozens of successful projects, including bestselling books and award-winning radio, podcasts and video content.

We partner with journalists, memoirists, foundations, academics, museums, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, activists, and first-time authors to conceive, shape and realize their stories. People come to us at all stages of a project’s development. Some have the seeds of an idea; others have full drafts of manuscripts. Some voices demand to be heard in audio; other stories need to be told visually. We work to determine the ideal medium, digging deep to find the project's most authentic, compelling version, ensuring the story resonates with the widest possible audience. 

Unfurl was founded in Brooklyn in 2017 by Domenica Alioto and Eve Claxton, who met while collaborating on Mimi Baird's memoir, He Wanted the Moon

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